World's Most Unique Hotels

Happy New Year!
This video took me 10 days to make, hundreds of hours of work, and tons of permission. But I am so happy with the outcome.
I went to visit Abu Dhabi to see their hotels. I heard a lot about their hotels - being some of the best in the world. As someone who lived in hotels for 3.5 years, I thought I'd give these hotels my review.
This video would be impossible to create and afford without the hotels helping me, so thank you to the following hotels in Abu Dhabi for letting me stay there:
By order of appearance:
1. Bubble Hotel at Jebel Hafit Desert Park
2. Emirates Palace
3. Anantara Qasr Al Sarab
4. Zaya Nurai Island (Private Island)
5. Conrad Etihad Towers
6. Bab Al Nojoum

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  • You can even live in a potato!

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  • The funny thing is i always went to vacation in abu dhabi since i was born i went to the luxourious hotel the emirates palace and to the dessert hotel quas al sarab

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  • Hi Nas, thanks for showing me the story but I have a video request in Cambodia mundulkiri there is a 5 STAR HOTEL that uses tents it has a toilet, tv, bed, air conditioner, wifi, a bathtub, and a showering spot (with a lot of privacy) you should go there the location is at Cambodia Mondulkiri hilltop resort Thanks (if you need communication with me please email

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  • Our glamping trip was very different it was a little tent with two entrances, one side has a view of a forest. But there are a lot of spots in this resort that are perfect for pictures :))

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  • I am from india but I am living in uae

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  • How have I not heard about this I literally live like 3 - 4 hours away from Abu dhabi

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  • This is sponsored video of UAE ...

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