What We Found in Abu Dhabi's Crazy Car Museum

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  • required location of this place

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  • Part 2: hrclubs.info/get/video/kqOpqatql2jJpaY

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  • Abu Dhabi is so extra 🥲

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  • 0:00 - 0:10 : Nas.exe has stopped working

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  • I thought that car was for giants but it has a bed 🛏 a bathroom 🚽 🧼 and kitchen 🍜🍤🍔

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    Apple GirlApple GirlPrije 17 dana

    Apple GirlApple GirlPrije 17 dana
  • that plane is a Lockheed L-1011

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  • Hey nas daily I’m not forcing you to to become Muslim again but I’m just saying may Allah grant you the best of rewards

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  • Pitition for nas to make a blog channel

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  • The house car is so extraordinary that car with 5bed rooms

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  • Lol the Dodge is bigger than my house😂

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  • nas that tune is from brawl stars

  • I am in ras al khaimah

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  • Hello nas sir🙏🏻, my name is Aman, I am from India🇮🇳.I am your big fan and I am from a very poor family🥺and I do not even have that much money to take your course. And I also want to become a big vlogger, it was my dream♥️ , but I do not have enough money to buy a phone or camera. Neither do I have so much money to take your courses. But I am a big fan of you. I also have a small channel.and i really love❤️your content Sir, I have been subscribing to you for a long time. I also watch all your videos. I learn a lot of things from them. Sir you are my inspiration sir please help me i know you are the one who can change my life.Sir, if it is a crime to be born in a poor house, then this is my punishment. If not, please please help me. There is nothing more I can say. I am waiting for your reply🙏🏻. Love you my brother❤️.

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  • Haha 3000.... Only 200 below cars only.. That globe is not car.. Its only caravan...

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  • I literally just went there last year.

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  • Can my 0 years old son to take your academy nas?

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  • Wait i live in *abudhabi*

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  • Read the last fifth line that says something which is not good :(

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  • Did anyone notice that the ten times bigger dodge has no bathroom?

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  • Thankyou i am including this in my School Project!!!

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  • I've been watching your videos ever since you started vlogging Greetings from Ghana 🇬🇭

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  • Love from Nepal

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  • The thumbnail is literally a Lockheed L1011 tri star and the video is about cars

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  • Where is your mask ?

    2019 SHAUN LEE JIA JIN2019 SHAUN LEE JIA JINPrije mjesec
    • There is no covid in Dubai

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  • Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Damn

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  • He is an israeli paid agent.... A illuminati...

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  • *Nas_BTS* Me: *i hwate bts ;3 :3*

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  • The plane was rolls Royce

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  • Nas Daily is starting to sound like he’s paid to advertise this

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  • Wow! Amazing.. Filipino-Indian family here in UAE.. Trying to inspire people too especially with INTERRACIAL family.. Shout out NAS..🇮🇳🇵🇭 Cheers!

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  • NAS DAILY EXE FAILED LOL click read more GOTEM👌

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  • What was the music at 2:20? Anyone pls UwU

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  • Amazing!!! I am living here in the UAE for almost 10 yrs now and tbh Idk anything about this 😂 and that hotel 😂 gawd.😅

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  • Video: Car museum Thumbnail: MD11 i think?

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  • I'll buy now

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  • 👌👍

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  • I live in ABUDHABI

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  • The planes a l1011

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  • nice bro,i miss that place,i been there before ,maybe almost 5yrs ago...

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  • What american think arab look like: *Some nokia arab ringtone* how arab look like: *R I C H*

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  • 2:27 did anyone notice it , Rolls Royce

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  • This is really a wonderful place to visit. I visited this in the year 2014

    Geetha JayanthiGeetha JayanthiPrije mjesec
    • 👍👍👍👍 I have some new London British Museum videos. Check out my city travel vlog channel, please 😊 Thanks 🙏

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  • trEE, iTs a ScARy tRee!!!!

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  • tHe SuN tOoOk aLL mY enErGY

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    • 👍👍👍👍 I have some new London British Museum videos. Check out my city travel vlog channel, please 😊 Thanks 🙏

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  • You see Us people in Abu Dhabi ARE NOT WAT YA THINK 😎😎

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  • OMG I live in Abu Dhabi

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  • I love it.

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  • Reminds me of spy ninjas

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  • I used to live in dubai this is full of nostalgia

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  • IT WAS SO FUNNY WHEN. : Alyne :i feel soo dehydrated! Camera man :what are you gonna do about that Nuseir ?? Nas or Nuseir :IM GOING TO TAKE AN INSTAGRAM PIC

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    • 👍👍👍👍 I have some new London British Museum videos. Check out my city travel vlog channel, please 😊 Thanks 🙏

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  • No hate but there is 3000Dhs fine for not wearing mask

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  • So cool right guys

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  • What are you gonna do Nusir imma instagram it

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  • The Dodge is literally a house

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  • we have the smallest car in the world car toy companies: hold my wheels

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  • Hey nas I don’t know will you read my message but pls visit Oman you have vent to Dubai and Abu Dhabi Oman is next to Abu Dhabi I will love to see you bab baye

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  • Hello! For everyone who is reading this, may you have a successful and happy life! Small HRclubsr here!

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  • 2:17 That’s a Lockheed L-1011 Tristar

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  • So after UAE normalize relations with Israel you can live there. Good for you bad for palestine..

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  • Have u came to the Main city of Abu Dhabi?

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  • Nas_bts “B”ehind “T”he “S”cene

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    • Yes! Not the K-Pop group

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  • What's the song at 0:10 ??? Someone pls

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  • Tbh, I have visited the Abu Dhabi Car Museum once already

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    • 👍👍👍👍 I have some new London British Museum videos. Check out my city travel vlog channel, please 😊 Thanks 🙏

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  • Everyone gangsta until the moving house monster truck comes

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  • hrclubs.info/get/video/pZhsZL2aZ3ac0dg

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  • That airplane in the desert reminds me of the place in need for speed payback

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  • I love your videos big fan from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾

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  • A very strategic placement for a museum

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  • When indonesia ???

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  • The world is a car and its stored in a metal pyramid

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  • Wow this video is very different from his rest normal videos.... Very high energy.. and energetic music also... 🤩🤩🤩 Amazing video 🎊🎉

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  • Wow its awesome

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  • Car jdm tuners and car owners: boys we got to go there

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  • He lagged too much

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  • RMS motivation ,

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  • Klarna buy now save later no fees

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  • hello nas daily keep up the great work love your videos.👍

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  • Wooow great veadio.thank you for shearing💖💖💖💖💖💖💎💎🙏

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  • Nice and Amazing gaes

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  • 0:11 nice lockheed tristar L-1011

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  • Another video with memes

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  • Don't forget to.... #boycott_french_products #boycott_the_UAE #boycott_Netflix

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  • Im a car guy and i want to really visit this place

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  • Hello from the uae.

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  • Woah! I didnt vist Abu-Dhabi and didn't see that! The museum is so interesting

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  • 0:00 Wait vlog shot vlog shot ŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒ ŒŒ *Error intensifies*

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  • 5:57 Nas: Im gonna take an instagram Me: oh well there goes nas taking pics lol

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  • I live in uae and I love this country The only thing I don’t like about Abu Dhabi is THAT YOU HAVE TO TEST EVERY TIME YOU GO OUTSIDE AND PEOPLE WILL COME TO YOU’RE HOUSE AND TEST YOU ;-;

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  • 0:46 reminds me of the abandoned airport in Las Venturas GTA San Andreas

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  • Let's go Abu Dhabi on top thanks for showing love to Abu Dhabi nas appreciate giving fame to our country

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  • Me playing on my ps4.... My mom: thats 1 minute

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  • Do. You know dhar mann nas

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  • Is this realy nas from one of dar manns videos

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  • I live in Abu Dhabi can someone tell me where is that museum

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  • I like the Boeing 727 Thumbnail!

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