The Exciting Journey of Water

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  • nas daily is the best chennel

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  • Some years later: oh no theres no sea now

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  • You can drink oil

    Batuhan ErBatuhan ErPrije 12 sati
  • pee water

    redarseanlredarseanlPrije 16 sati
  • “or frozen” im pretty sure he said emirates one of the hottest places on earth

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  • Lag

    Lps wild roblox and moreLps wild roblox and morePrije dan
  • Ocean 🌊 water 💧 is salty

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  • Save water

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  • Cool

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  • Wait but when i was a little i was at the beach and accidently fall and accidently drink the ocean water and the sand... but how am i still alive 🤔

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  • after u watch nas daily u get stuck to it for months 👁👄👁

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  • I love 🇦🇪 UAE

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  • I saw this on tiktok

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  • That poor camera

  • The power I wanted as a kid: remove salt from water Me rn: they built my dream factory before I was born😂😅

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  • I drink a little ocean water

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  • 0:

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  • :o

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  • I drink water of the sea really I really like it

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  • His background at the start I live somewhere near it xd

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  • If it doesn’t allow salt to enter then can it allow covid 19 to enter

    Alex TrejoAlex TrejoPrije 3 dana
  • 3:19 that in gta by the way, and there is facility very near of the water

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  • True , but now we have water 2021 did not have so much cloud seeding tho

  • This is going to change the world !

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  • Your videos are extremely good and help us to know how the journey of water is.thanks nasdaily

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  • Why not raid water from other planets🤣🤣🤣

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  • The Arabian Lands needs to be Grow Green by Massive Tree Plantation

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  • Is cloud seeding is a natural stuff to do😯😯😯

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  • the layer inside is semi permeable Nas it only allows water molecules to pass through and not others

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  • I watch this when i just watched the first time of nas daily then its too epiciety

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  • 3:15 I’ve been here!!!!!

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  • I wish I will get more money in future to travel around the world like you guys.

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  • The water is too frozen me who eats ice: ill show u my skillz boi-

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    • Lmao 😂

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  • *smash my head * dude the water ocean its with salt

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  • C

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  • This video has almost 1,000,000 views

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  • Yeah thats right alright SAVE MOTHER EARTH FOR GODS SAKE

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  • Me: drinks ocean water nothing happens keeps drinking ocean water nothing happens

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  • We save humans then we have to save water

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  • that's so cool

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  • 2:40 beautiful buldings

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  • My teacher put this video on in school and we learned a lot thank you

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  • Don't get me wrong but if the whole world uses ocean water to survive will it eventually run out???

  • This is why in 2017 there was a flood it was the best day ever

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  • Wooow

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  • Jjj

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  • I put the water sinks and I put hot on it and let it cold and then I have water 😼

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  • "That's magic"

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  • 3:20 I went there and it is near the Hatta mountains

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  • Where are you from bc I live in Dubai

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  • I wish we had these in India too, on second thought, in all the countries. 😔

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  • 0:58 He said: 99% of the world's water cannot be drunk Well that is not true... It is 97% of the world's water... we did took it in school... sorry guys if this comment was a little bit rude... but it is just for your information... and thank you for reading😁

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  • I just want to drink water

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  • No

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  • Happy 2m

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  • What about your spit?

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  • Actually you can’t drink the rain water they could contain bacteria parisites and viruses which did happend 3 times

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  • Really cuz I lived in UAE for 11 years OMH

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    • I mean OMG

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  • Hello my name is salama l'm from the U.A.E l love these video

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  • Nas: there is not enough water in this dry place Also Nas: pours a bottle of precious water on the ground Me: at least the plants can grow..

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  • Thai can't do that cause people secretly pee in the sea like my sis xD

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  • 97%*

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  • they don't have water but have oil lol.

    RK FLIMESRK FLIMESPrije 8 dana

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  • 2020:” humans are doing the impossible just to get water!” 2021:” humans are doing the impossible just to get Dino nuggies”

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  • 99 percent? That counts not me and my mom so probably not.

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  • I live in Dubai :)

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  • Nas is so smart

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  • Ocean water? And what if someone probably peed..

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    • @Afrakittycat allow*

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    • Ahem They don't alow salt on the process, so Ofc They CLEANED the dirty Things on it 😀

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  • . 👁️👄👁️ HOW

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  • Me watches this:thirsty*

  • I saw nas in dharman

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  • No one has drink salty water in dubai right?

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  • God be like: you weren’t suppose to do that

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  • If this is how they get water These are the smartest people everrrr

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  • That’s not 1 minute see you tomorrow

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  • You no that birds pee in lakes and dams

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    • They clean it omg bruhh 😭

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  • China: No us websites VPN: Its my time to shine

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  • Whats tha cuntryyyy?

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  • Mas is the best guy who has positive energy

  • nice loved it

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  • My

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  • The only problem is that with the salt left they put it back in the ocean and they are more salty than they were before

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  • Water purifier bruh

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  • Muslim country:we have no water Me when I am making a country named Pali and language reverse English:let’s make everything free everything more water everything more clean sanitized mosque make it better than more country no laws only 1 law

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  • Nas how much day or hours to make this video

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  • I live in the emarates 🇦🇪

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  • What’s about ZamZam Prophet Mohammd SAW drinks ZamZam it’s in Kaaba too

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  • That’s 4 minutes see you tommrow” 😹😹😹

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  • Suppper bro

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  • I wonder if they actually sell the salt they got the the ocean water hmmm

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  • I live in Abu Dhabi

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  • I really like your channel we should stop lying I live in Emirates in the average range is 38 days a year so don’t lie to the people the Emirates or not the dryers countries in the world they’re actually very wet

    ManyaManyaPrije 15 dana
  • Ive drink ocean water •-•

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  • Do you know this? Emirates use Albanian Water named "Lajthiza". I think you should Google it. 😉

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  • Fun fact: *The salt in the water is sand*

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  • Hi. Nas. Daily

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