Hottest River in the World

Guys! If you enjoyed this video about the Boiling River of Peru, you should also check out Amarumayu! Their mission is to save the Amazon rainforest and also help its indigenous community. Check out their website and HRclubs channel to know more!
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  • is that brazil?

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  • Ads be like: 3:44

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  • 0:13 If you fall into it you will die of several burns *puts foot in it*

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  • Wow the trees are mortals

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  • 0:34 “So hot it boils” Me: **drops mac n cheese in there and makes a mac n cheese river**

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    • I Love U

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  • but what if it snows or heavy rains?

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  • Maybe its Lava....

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  • Is this the holy river?

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  • All fish are probably dead

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  • Can cook egg eh no need stove

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  • 3:35 VOL CAN O XD I thought it was vol cane o on how pronounce

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  • Thats a great place to boil your food 😏

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  • Can you make soup in the river UwU

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  • "safe and steady"

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  • You can make a soup out of this

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  • Nas Daily is the best person he travels during the corona virus 🦠 I love him name changes,tallest man, etc

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  • This guy travels everywhere

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  • The humidity

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  • I take a shower with this hot water

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  • And that six minutes see you tomorrow

  • Lots of love from Nepal 🇳🇵

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  • Wowwww I want to go to amazonnnnnn Omggggggg I love nature

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  • Nas is always going to cool places

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    • Hell yes

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  • See, when Nas said to not throw trash in the creek, he meant it. You might remove this beauty of this boiling river, do not pollute.

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  • I have seen your dhar man video

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  • dude u reached 2m just rn

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  • New Zealand Rotorua there’s also a boiling ponds everywhere

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  • Atlease you won’t need a oven to cook ramen or somethin-

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    • lol

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  • It's hot river Or The hottest river

  • You should go to El Salvador my guy that’s where the hottest river is

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  • Huge Fan Nass❤️❤️ love your videos 🔥🔥❤️❤️👊👊

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  • That snake is fake

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  • These guys are actual travelers

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  • I still want to go to Amazon

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  • The devils river

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  • It is a spring u silly

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  • At this pointt he is just testing out myth

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  • I can boil an egg in this river

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  • Love it rocks nasty😍

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  • Cool drill

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  • My theory is that there before used to be a billiage there, no rules, and millions of people just peed there

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  • Finaly an explanation why you die when you fall in water or get touched by water in roblox story games

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  • when kids are running around the amazon jungle with their water guns screaming our water is so cold! Me:

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  • His friends name is PROJECT NIGHTFALL

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  • “The beautiful snake Rip”

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  • Guy : Wow your being a smart-ass even in the jungle

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  • The reinbow shirt man looks like an actor in smosh

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  • I hear the forest around the world is being devastated by human who cut or burn a lot of trees. There are no point in reducing forest for us in the long run.So we should do something to protect our Earth and save innocent animals

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  • 3.44 the water was going upwards

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  • I started laughing when he said locals

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  • Them: this is the worlds hottest river Satan: is the hell river a joke to you?

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  • I feel like I have to put 10,000 dry ices in that river

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  • Me: MOMMMM CAN WE EAT INSTANT NOODLES My mom: sweetie we don't have a noodle boiler even not an electric boilers. Me: ok then.. LET'S GO TO THE HOT AMAZON RIVER! My mom: huh what's that-

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  • Why dont people go here to commit suicide??

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  • Wow it’s in the Amazon I will go buy it now

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  • 1:56 I know the fact that the snake is just a toy

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  • You should see hamamat Ma'een in Jordan it's water heals skin sicknesses

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  • I thought amazon jungle is an jungle that’s filled with Amazon stuff 👀

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  • Camera Man: Project Nightfall

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  • Wait a damn minute didn’t the Amazon rainforest burn down?

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  • How can water be so ho-

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  • Danger

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  • My brother always says I'm cold so maybe I should go there and push him in he will never be cold again

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