3 Most Resilient Cities In The World

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  • Sarajevo

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  • Fun fact: the house of Pablo Escobar was demolished not so long ago to build a park

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  • In that scene the old man go blankets on his face 1:08

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  • But why they bomed america first not cool

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  • Japan have to rebuilt cause few years ago japan were being mean and we won because of the president and amarican's we thank them and we make a tradision it ended at 17 agustus

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  • How many times had Nas got sponsored by squarespace

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  • people after Thanos died

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  • I live in 1 of the richest country in the world

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  • Me answering my modules: thats one minute see you tomorrow

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  • I have seen the show about Pablo Escobar

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  • Hi reuploaded video !

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  • While m country is feeding us daily with sh*tty propaganda saying how resilient we are

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  • Nas help me please

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  • Nas help me please

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  • Nas help me please

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  • This is 4 minutes long

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  • I live in Hong Kong O-O

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  • Hi

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  • Who here lives in Kuwait like me

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  • Geostorm Sound

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  • Nas,Do a story about how Kerala's people handled the great flood of 2018!

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  • People would die here on a daily basis. People die every day in any country. 😂

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    • Your'e laughing because people are dying?

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  • At this point,nas' recycled videos are giving free publicity to square space

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  • Only Legends know that this video is a compilation of old uploads

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  • nice

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  • I don't know why but when I heard about Japan cleaning they inveroment I cryed

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  • There’s lebanon 🇱🇧 thhe beirut Big boom

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  • food, food, food!

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  • I thought skyscraper was a denger in japan

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  • Videos from 2:24: Things getting destroyed Me near the same place not even seeing a lamp post fall down: Confusion 100

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  • The typhoon you said also destroyed almost all Philippines and maked the Philippines flood.the typhoon name is Typhoon Rolly.

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  • 1:15

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  • Imagine what Nazi daily looks like with a different shirt anyways when was the last time he wore a different shirt that not Nazi daily shirt

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    • Nas* ( not Nazi ) change it 😂

  • What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

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  • Thank you so much for using Experience. Loveliest background music that could have been chosen

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  • I want to make india like japan

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  • Book did not provide about what Japan did to other country, atom bomb kill 200000 people but unit 731 kill half a million people of China . They kill people by torture, slaughter, experiment live human.

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  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Bro the video is four minutes not one I'm dissapointed

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  • Make a video about Lebanon please Lebanon has so much stories

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  • Nas i dont agree with you sometimes you cant just let it go when someone comes and invades your country and kills hundreds of thousands you cant just say i will let it go

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  • Why don't you have Millions of views .

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  • Let’s give square space some clout for helping a world traveler tell stories around the world

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  • If you don't know, Hirishoma had to be bombed by the Americans so that Japan would stop invading my country such as The Philippines.

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  • I dunno how the hell he gets so many ppl to say that's 1 minute see u tmrw

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  • 1:32 Nas Swears

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  • U r soooooooooo COOL NAS❤❤

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  • Rude why you say fucking in video

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  • First yikes and nice and unfair why are they so beautiful

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  • Nah dude the bombing of Hiroshima is their fault for destroying our navy base

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  • were Philippines we suffer then no one even remember us cuz you just our beach,mounts,island to visit ,a lot of City's are flooded can you help by sharing Philippines to see other that Philippines is like a gaint Lake

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  • No wonder why you're called an Israeli agent

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  • Where is Pyongyang?

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  • If a country bombed you or took your land, you cant just have peace with it

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  • So you want us to destroy places and rebuild it so its more stronger.. righhtttt

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  • Nice

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  • Do you actually think I care about square pace?

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  • Please don't upload same content that uploaded before

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  • Da dislikes r from peps

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  • The 1st most channel to reupload

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  • That’s 3 minutes see you tomorrow Nas daily

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  • Hi

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  • The hong kong one shooked me

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  • There is a big difference between countries who are conquered like palestine 🇵🇸 And others who got attacked

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  • I am feeling sad for Hong Kong just because of.....

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  • Nas in 2050: thats one minute see you in 1 second

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  • Elo

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  • Interesting

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  • hi. im from hong kong. stay safe there!

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  • Hiroshima deserved it and they don't have the permission to hate 🙂

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  • You know I am living in Hong Kong

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  • Love to nas daily from 🇱🇰

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  • 👍

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    • Yo

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  • i pray that my country, would be resilient now too. Lives are destroyed, homeless people. Bangon Pilipinas.

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  • Good nas

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  • pablo has a company called escobar

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    • they made phone scams

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  • I heard that you are called by dhar mann

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  • .

  • I like your all videos. Keep it up bro.

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  • I wish typhoon comes to hk again i want holiday 😂

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  • Hiroshima sounds like Kirishima from Boku No Hero/My Hero Academia.

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  • Hey! Yes u nas. You might not read this comment, but when will u end your journey into making perfect videos like this one?

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  • When typhoon PEDRING hit philipines and the damage cost 1.09billion US dollars in 23 September 2011 DEAD 95

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  • Exams (HRclubs channel) : He he, we are around the corner Students : That's one minute, see you next year!

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  • there was a storm in philipines too

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  • 1:32 swear word

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  • Please, make a video about Serbian language cuz it's so easy to learn. Love U

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  • I’m mean to be fair Japan is a very smart country

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  • How about philipines poruges people concerted for 300 years

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  • Nas: Other countries just won't let it go! (shows israel and palestine map) Well that's because it's still HAPPENING there !

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  • Other countries won’t let it go because US did not steal any land from Japan but Israel did steal land from Palestine and that’s why their not letting it go and continue to fight even if their going up against one of the most powerful countries in the world

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  • Square space always sponsors Nas.

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  • Thanks for introducing Japan 🇯🇵 I’m happy because I live in Japan!! I really appreciate you Nas!!

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  • 0:49 horses 😎

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  • This guy has been to my main airport in Canada, this guy has been to my main airport in China, and this guy literally shot a scene next to my home in the video: the Chinese money trap

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  • That’s where my grandma lives hongkong I only been there for at least a few times

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